Coping With Family Burnout During Lockdown

You know, at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis it was kind of quaint, spending all that quality time with the family. Taking a break from the usual hustle and bustle of busy daily life to just chill with the family was a welcomed respite. As the weeks turned into months, however, all that togetherness was becoming a bit frayed at the edges. You know that old saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt,” right? So, maybe you have reached a point in the lockdown era where mental health is feeling a bit compromised. You feel irritable, you snap at your kids, you hide in your room. These are all clear signs that you are dealing with some family burnout right about now. Thankfully, many mental health retreats are reopening after making some revisions in their operations and services. These wellness centers offer a short-term escape that can do wonders for your frazzled nerves during lockdown.

Seeking a Mental Health Getaway During Covid-19?

If you are finding yourself a tad annoyed of late, why not renew your spirit by spending some time at a wellness retreat? Visiting a mental health retreat can help recharge your mind, body, and soul at a time when everyone is feeling frustrated in our Covid-19 captivity. Although wellness retreats and spas have had to retool a bit to accommodate the safety guidelines, many of them are up and running, just waiting to take care of you. Each provider will have specific Covid-19 policies posted for guests to adhere to during their stay. Some of the services you can expect at a mental health getaway include:

  • A beautiful setting. Wellness retreats famously set up shop in the most amazing natural settings. Whether the retreat is located on a lakeside, a beachfront, a desert oasis, or at a mountain resort, your sensibilities will be in for a treat.
  • Outdoor treatments. For the time being, such services as massages and facials may be off the menu, or have been moved outdoors. Masks may be required during a massage therapy session. Wellness retreats have plenty of other contactless holistic therapies, however. Meditation sessions, yoga, sound baths and energy healing can be held outdoors and offer plentiful calming effects.
  • Outdoor activities. Understanding the powerful connection between mind and body, mental health retreats offer an assortment of outdoor fitness activities. These might include swimming, horseback riding, river rafting, and hiking, which are all deemed safe during Covid-19.
  • Nutrition. Mental health getaways put an emphasis on nutrition, as what we eat influences how we feel to a large extent. Many retreats feature gourmet chefs, detoxification diets, organic menu offerings, and specialized menus, such as ketogenic or Mediterranean diets.
  • Psychotherapy. Mental health retreats have clinical therapists on staff to provide psychotherapy and group therapy sessions. This offers a safe and supportive space to discuss fears, frustrations, and mental health challenges like depression or anxiety that may have ratcheted up during the pandemic.

By Marissa Katrin Maldonado founder of Mental Health Hope an online resource that specializes in providing free information and treatment options for mental health disorders.

My name is Marissa founder of Mental Health Hope an online resource for mental health disorders information and treatment options.